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About courses - only in Estonian!

If you want to learn a new job or improve yourself, read more about our courses and learn new skills without leaving home.

  • Does the world of beauty arouse your passion?
  • Do you want control over your career and time?
  • Are you motivated to learn a new profession?
  • Have you been operating for years but would like to update your knowledge?
  • Do you like interacting with people?
  • Are you ready for new challenges?

If you answered yes to all the questions, it’s time for a new challenge and to participate in online courses.

Online courses take place via Zoom, and participation in them has been made as convenient as possible. The educator goes through all the study material with the students and does not leave anyone in the dark with new information. Everything is made clear step by step.

5 reasons to choose Pomello courses


The educator has long-term work and teaching experience and constantly updates herself with new knowledge. Upon completion of the training, a certificate is issued.


Learn new skills through online course regardless of location.


We offer an active support group that you can join while completing the courses to get help from the educator and discuss with fellow students.


Purchase of the starter kit with a -5% discount.
We will put it together for you if you wish.


Flexible payment solutions. If in need,
the course can be paid in installments.

Eyebrow lamination is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in the beauty world, and customer demand for this service is constantly growing. Eyebrow lamination gives the appearance of fuller eyebrows, which can be more easily shaped or set to the desired shape, this is also the reason why customers love this service.

Online courses provide in-depth knowledge of the eyebrow lamination procedure and tips for mastering different techniques to achieve perfect results. In the eyebrow lamination course, we learn how to laminate, model with wax and chemically dye eyebrows. The course is suitable for everyone, both beginners and experienced beauticians.


Lash lift is not losing its popularity anytime soon. During the procedure, we can give the eyelashes the desired shape and thereby bring out the expressiveness of the eyes. The service is highly valued among customers who want to give natural eyelashes an effect without artificial eyelashes. During the procedure, we give the eyelashes a dark appearance using chemical dyeing, which brings out an immediate effect. In the lash lift training, we also learn eyebrow lamination, which gives the eyebrows a full look, eyebrows can be easily shaped or set in the desired shape, this is also the reason why customers love this service. The courses are suitable for everyone, both beginners and experienced beauticians.

In order for us to be able to offer our customers ideal eyebrows, it is necessary to acquire knowledge about measuring eyebrows. Choosing the right tools is of great importance when measuring eyebrows, the better the accessories, the easier it is to create pairs of eyebrows that match the proportions of the client’s face. 3D eyebrow care course is suitable for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge in the field of eyebrow surveying by offering a high-quality eyebrow care service. Permanent make-up artists and beginner technicians who want to acquire a new profession, are also welcome to the course.


What are the bonuses in the field of beauty?


Create a work schedule that suits you and match it with your lifestyle. The biggest advantage is time, you can work at a time that suits you.

kodus töötamine

The possibility of working at home. Create a workshop for yourself and study the obligations of entrepreneurs.

oma ülemus

Become your own boss. You can be in constant development and make your dreams come true.


You meet new and exciting people every day.
Your social circle and reach of new customers
expands with every new customer.


Adjust your income. The volume of your income
depends on the will and marketing of your work.

If online courses are not for you and you want to go through the training material together with the educator, we offer the possibility to invite the educator on site.
This option is well suited for salons where the number of participants is larger and the collective wants to undergo training with a practical part at the same time.