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My Lamination Silicone Shields Duo set


My Lamination duo set of silicone shields in 10 different sizes: 5 blue and 5 pink pairs, ideal for performing the lash lift procedure.


Choosing the right silicone pad size is very important in creating the flexibility customers want.


The set of silicone shields includes 10 silicone pads, 5 sizes of pink and blue shields: S M XM L XL

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The set includes:

5 pairs of blue silicone shields: S, M, XM, L, XL
5 pairs of pink silicone shields: S, M, XM, L, XL


Instructions: After each use, clean immediately with warm water and soap and disinfect with 70% alcohol, leave on and rinse with water.



With premium silicone shields you can:
1. Create the effect of lifted/curled eyelashes.
2. Work with eyelashes of different lengths – from short to very long.
3. Create perfect direction and symmetry for both eyes.



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