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RICA Black Brazilian hard wax


Rica Black Brazilian wax is a natural hard wax that does not require wax paper, it is recommended for use on sensitive skin such as the face, underarms and bikini area. The wax contains vegetable charcoal, which is extremely gentle on the skin.


A great wax that contains vegetable charcoal. Charcoal reduces irritation and redness and is extremely soft, a favorite of masters.

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Melts at lower temperatures and is applied in thinner layers than traditional hard wax. Also suitable for men.


– Heat the wax in a suitable apparatus to the required temperature
– Test the temperature of the wax by applying a small amount of wax to the inside of your wrist
– When the temperature is suitable, apply the wax to the desired area in the direction of hair growth
– Wait a moment for the wax strip to harden, pull the skin taut and then remove the wax strip with a quick movement in the opposite direction of the hair

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