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Xanitalia Multi-Directional Wax


TOP1 favorite of masters and customers.

Take depilation to a new level! New hard wax granules that can be applied and removed in any direction. Wax with a special structure allows for perfect hair removal. With a gentle composition, a wonderful smell and suitable for waxing all parts of the body. A big favorite of beauticians and their customers!

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New generation hard wax for whole body depilation. The elastic structure of the wax and the low temperature allow for clean hair removal from 1 mm. Wax does not need wax paper.


– Heat the wax in a suitable apparatus to the required temperature
– Test the temperature of the wax by applying a small amount of wax to the inside of your wrist
– When the temperature is suitable, apply the wax to the desired area in the direction of hair growth
– Wait a moment for the wax strip to harden, pull the skin taut and then remove the wax strip with a quick movement in the opposite direction of the hair

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